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How to recover your 7/8 NFT block reward with the GUI? (Windows)

1.After you won a block with a NFT plot. Your reward in your wallet shows you a balance of 0,125 SIT. After a week you can recover the remaining 0,875 SIT, by going to the NFT tab left in the Silicoin GUI.

2.Head over to the pool tab in your Chia GUI and locate the pool that shows “Number of Plots” with a number greater then 0. (Could be multiple pools). Hover over the right from your pool name and copy your pool contact address and Launcher id

3.Now head back to your silicoin GUI and first paste your pool contact address and click the button. a text field will show up which shows you total coins not recovered. (These are in the 7 days cooldown.) and total coins can recovered. (after 7 days). paste your launcher-id and click on the button. It can take a few minutes before you see them appear in your wallet.

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