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Silicoin Community Association


SCA (Silicoin Community Association) is a community autonomous organization led by the Silicoin team. It is a communication bridge between Silicoin farmers and the official team to continue the global promotion work of the ambassadors. The purpose of its establishment is for the long-term development of the Silicoin project.

SCA is planned to be formed based on the existing ambassador members. The total number of members in the first batch is 11. After a half year trial operation period, it will be expanded to 21 and eventually more (we hope that all members come from different countries and have different professional skills).

A three person council will be elected by the community and rotate every three months. Councilors will not get more rewards than members, but they have more responsibilities and more power.


All SCA members who contributed (assessed by the council) will receive one NFT (Currently on BSC, will migrate to the Silicoin network in the future) per week.

SCA NFT represents SCA membership and profit rights, may have greater value in the future.

Holders could steak NFT assets to earn USDT rewards. It means that the more NFTs held by SCA members, the higher the weight of rewards in the prize pool. Rewards will be given out every week.

We will release a web for members to check and steak NFT assets.


We have prepared a fund (USDT) for SCA members to use for the marketing of Silicoin in their country and region.

Members can also make budgets and apply funds for various marketing tasks.

Marketing activities and funding applications should be reviewed by Councilors.


The daily work of SCA members includes global promotion, community management, and project development consultation. There is no specific requirement.

Every member should aim for the harmony and prosperity of the community and do their best to help everyone.

The official Silicoin team does not intervene in SCA and is only responsible for the final decision. However, all SCA members can discuss specific issues and form proposals for Silicoin team after the Council reviews.

In any case, contributions that are beneficial to the community and the project are worthy of commendation.


Farmers interested in becoming members of SCA, please fill out this form, and we will review it carefully. The review criteria are 1. The applicant's past activity in Discord; 2. The applicant's professional skills; 3. The applicant's application documents.

Application form link:

Please click the link and fill out the application form. The application result will be announced on November 23, 2021, UTC.

Given the previous active performance of these farmers (Zasha#1247

, Aridal#3645, olegin77#9014, moi#1679, Hoxl#8861, Gavin-1#4499, eric90 GTM+1#9194) in the community and their recent pre-application, they will directly become SCA members.

We will announce the Councilors Election Day after the 23rd.

The current SCA is still a rudimentary form and may have many shortcomings. It will continue to be improved during the trial operation stage. Of course, this requires the joint efforts of every community farmer and SCA member.

Responsibility, not superior

Reward, not salary

Contribution, not job

The perspective of all members should be fair and impartial, not blinded by the opinions of the rabble, and not compromised by official recognition, so that self-worth and project value can be realized.

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