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Silicoin NFT & DAO Live!

The Silicoin network is pleased to release a limited edition NFT for our community members. This special NFT will allow you to showcase your support for the Silicoin network for years to come. There are a few types of Silicoin NFT cards, and today we are thrilled to announce that the Silicoin NFT has been deployed to the Binance Smart Chain.

The contract of Silicoin NFT on BSC is 0xbCCB20A7CFc41552D8E6B3f181352E14c4C70dE4, and the link of Dapp is By the way, Silicoin will never do any private sale or public sale. There is no SIT on Binance Smart Chain as well.


The common NFT presents only commemorative and can be received by all community members. Whether you are a member of SCA or not, you could get a free Silicoin NFT if you are interested in the Silicoin network. It represents your identity in the Silicoin community.

This normal NFT is It is limited to 100 cards per day. Users can mint it without any fee. Although this type of NFT card has no benefits at present, as a symbol of the early participants of the Silicoin network, Silicoin NFT will get more benefits in the future, such as airdrops in cooperation with other high-quality projects.


With the development of the Silicoin network, more special events will be held in the future. Users can obtain specific NFTs by participating in these activities and earning rewards by staking the limited NFTs with a particular weight.

Take the New Year Event as an example. All participants can get Silicoin New Year NFT , and they can get USDT income weekly by staking the Silicoin New Year NFT via


SCA NFT represents SCA membership and profit rights. SCA members could claim the staking income (USDT) and may have more excellent value in the future. Two exclusive SCA cards have different weights, which means they are different.

Currently, holders could stake NFT assets to earn USDT(BEP-20) rewards. It means that the more NFTs held by SCA members, the higher the weight of rewards in the prize pool. Rewards will be distributed every week.


SCA NFT is the prototype of Silicoin DAO. SCA members made many contributions to Silicoin network, including global promoting, community management, project development consultation, and so on.

SCA (Silicoin Community Association) is a decentralised autonomous organisation led by the Silicoin team. For more details, please check


Silicoin NFT has been deployed to the Binance Smart Chain. In the near future, Silicoin NFT will migrate to Silicoin's smart contract, and we believe all the NFT cards may have greater value in the future.

Anyway, claim your exclusive Silicoin NFT now!

Tip: The first-round bonus will distribute on 7th Jan 2022.

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