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Announcement on the Listing of SIT on CITEX Exchange

SIT is going to launch on CITEX exchange which only focuses on mining coins. The trading pair is SIT/USD, and the trading time is 7:00 UTC on 27th Oct 2021.


CITEX is a Global Cypto Asset Trading Platform based on British Virgin Islands founded in October of 2018. CITEX exchange reportedly has thousands of users from more than 80 countries. It is the World's No.1 Mining Exchange and supports Spot trading, OTC trading, PoS Staking, Masternode Hosting, Grid trading, Leveraged ETF trading, and Options trading.

More information about CITEX exchange can be found at

Why we choose CITEX

As a highly innovative and rigorous project, Silicoin attaches great importance to the selection of exchanges. However, it is difficult to choose the first exchange which SIT listed because this choice is related to the project development, market value, and the rights of all Silicoin supporters.

The reasons for choosing CITEX are as follows:

1. CITEX is a veteran exchange that focuses on mining tokens and has an excellent reputation

2. CITEX only lists high-quality mining tokens. The last token listed is XCH, half years ago

3. Most CITEX users are miners. Listed here is helpful to the potential market

Well, it is just the beginning of Silicoin's Journey. Actually, some famous exchanges have contact with Silicoin. In the following months, SIT will successively be listed on many well-known exchanges.

Thank you to all of your participants, contributors, and partners of Silicoin. Your encouragement and doubts, persistence and support, which give Silicoin the motivation to go to this stage and move into the distance.

Links of CITEX

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01 nov 2021

Unfortunately it is not possible to withdraw or deposit SIT on Citex now. Therefore I cannot buy SIT to stake for better mining income or sell mined SIT coins for income. Are Silicoin devs following this problem with Citex?

Me gusta

Andrew B
Andrew B
25 oct 2021

citex no Ukraine in country region 💩💩💩

Me gusta
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