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How to participate in the test of application node in early testnet?

Aktualisiert: 10. Juli 2021

In Silicoin network, the application node is going to be the timelord starting from testnet1 & testnet2. Then the application nodes will start their task to achieve anonymous transfer in testnet3 and support smart contract in testnet4.

Why we need to deploy the application node and get connect with Silicoin network in testnet 1&2?

First of all, there are more timelords, the Silicoin network will be more stable. In additional, we need users help us to test the software. Besides, the nodes in testnet3 are very important. Because Silicoin need them to support the anonymous transaction and more services in the future phase. We need to make sure that there are enough application nodes to support the services.Last but not least, Silicoin still like a baby. We need attentions and hope that there are more and more users to join our community.

As we all know, there is no benefit if timelord is not on the fastest hardware in both of chia network and silicoin at the moment. In order to encourage the application node to be the timelord, we designed that there is an airdrop of 2 millions tSIT. Everyone who be the node and get connected with our network during testnet1 & testnet2 could get the tSIT everyday. In other words, you can get some bonus even without mining if you deploy the application nodes.

How to participate in?

*If you are farming already, please skip this step and going on.

2) Copy your wallet address

3) Open the Silicoin Testnet Faucet

4)Click Go to faucet to the new page

5) Submit your wallet address. Then you will receive 0.001 tSIT and the system automatic start to detect and record your condition of the node.

6) The system is going to distribute tSIT everyday according to your conditions, such as online time, deploy environment etc. 30 master nodes monitor the whole network and find out the nodes which are cheating.

What is the difference between farming and just running a node file which does not have farming option?

In testnet1&2, if you are only run the nodes, you will only receive the rewards from the bonus of nodes. But if you are farming, you can get both rewards because you are a node already. After testnet3, if you are only run the nodes, you will only receive the rewards from the rewards of nodes for providing service. More details please check the whitepaper.

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