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Some handy tools for Silicoin Network

In recent days, there are some updates of Silicoin. A lot of useful tools announced to support Silicoin, and they help the users improve their experience.

First of all, Tokendock announced they launched a Silicoin explorer. Tokendock ( is a chia-forks aggregation blockchain explorer.

Secondly, Chia fork calculator also supported Silicoin. It is a handy tool to calculate.

Thirdly, Silicoin is available on Xch Forks, and users can check all information about Silicoin via

Last but not least, CHIA FORK TRADERS listed tSIT, and there were listing events on 19th Jul 2021.

The link of Silicoin trading is:

It was the largest event in Chia Fork Traders. This is unprecedented for all members of the community. Auction prices have skyrocketed, so much so that a lot of people are repeating WTF. Although the high price is magical, it also reflects the public's confidence and consensus on Silicoin. In conclusion, thanks to Azile and all of the SILICOIN miners for their support and trust in this project, we will continue to bring exciting surprises and WTFs to you all.

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