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[UPDATE] The Silicoin Community Incentive Program

Silicoin is kicking off a community incentive program, which encourages the community to participate and contribute to promoting Silicoin network. There are 1,200,000 tSIT for community incentives.

In the Silicoin Ecosystem, the community plays an important role. This program will help to build an open-source culture for the Silicoin community, where developers around the world will be encouraged to participate and create new open source projects built on Proof-of-Balance consensus.

The steps of the Silicoin community incentive program

1) Submit the form for registration

2) Reviewing

3) Voting by Silicoin community


1st place 100,000 tSIT

2nd place 80,000 tSIT

3rd place 50,000 tSIT

4-10th place10,000 tSIT/per community

11-100th 5000 tSIT/per community

101st -1000th 500 tSIT/per community

Date: 5th July -15th September 2021

Fill the form via the website

The Silicoin community incentive program will offer users the opportunity to work on exciting projects, collaborate with a global community, and work on cutting-edge technology challenges, to expand their learning and leadership skills, and have influence within the Silicoin community.

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