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The Voting Result of Restart

According to the voting results of community members, Silicoin's mainnet will restart in the next coming days.

*From 10/29/21 to 1/11/21, 4 days, adhering to the spirit of community unity, we initiated a vote on whether to restart the Silicoin Mainnet and hope that every community member will put forward their views. A total of more than 500 people voted, and the result was clear.

Considering that the sudden influx of netspaces would cause block stuck at the beginning of the mainnet startup. All SIT produced before the block 16800 will be airdropped to previous addresses, according to the snapshot of the block height of 16800.

For unfinished airdrops that are converted from tSIT to SIT, the remaining tokens that have not yet arrived will continue airdrop to your account after the restart and the snapshoot of the block 16800. Please be patient.

If you are the SIT's farmers who withdrawed SIT from CITEX after the block height of 16800, please contact us by email as soon as possible.

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