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Here you can get Silicoin testnet1 coins (tSIT) for free to active your application node. You can use them to test the software in development without the risk of losing real money


Please note that they have NO monetary value, and that's exactly what makes them useful. Use this faucet only if you really need them. There is a limit of 0.001 coins per IP address. If you think you need more, please contact our team (with a reason and an amount) in discord.

The Application Nodes Event Has Finished

The remaining 218760 tSIT has been burned to this address: tsit148hczrkh9t3kkq7n59zzur2r7j7p7xtc3f8srdp0y7y4ex3hkq8sv46cxv

Halftone Image of Crowd

If you have not start Silicoin Minging yet,

you can download the client wallet from here

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