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Silicoin General Update / 19 January 2022

Happy New Year! We wish you to have a healthy life and successfully business on 2022! Please see Silicoin's news of the last 2 weeks.

Opportunities and Threats

SCA members giving their suggestion of Silicoin in the end of the year 2021

All suggestion and opinions like related to New Year Event, the system upgrades and new year strategies are collected from SCA members.


A statement of silicoin's annual review on 2021

On the last day of 2021, Silicoin stated an annual review of conclusion, about the present situation and planning of the future, such as marketing, goal and strategies.


5000 members reached to Silicoin on Discord

A Memorial Day of 5000 members reached to Silicoin on Discord!


Development Progress

SCA member Aridal started to study and test about timelord on Silicoin

Considering to provide more stable environment, not only the center's developer, but also SCA members have joined the project. Aridal, SCA member started to test his timelord and trying to figure out the most efficient way between timelord and Silicoin.


Ass .deb file in the github

SCA member Eric asked for add a .deb file in Silicoin githhub and this will be done in next version.


Silicoin's developers and SCA members gathering to prevent the threat sync synchronization

Not only all farmers concerning about the synchronization of nodes and forks, but also the Silicoin's developers and SCA members. We are now in deeply discussion and testing the system on any possibility of situation to prevent the unstable issues happen again. One of the AIM of Silicoin from the beginning atill now has never changed, we are trying our best to providing a STABLE mining environment to all farmers.


Partial Withdrawal of staking SIT

Silicoin developers are working on the function of partial withdrawal. It estim ates the function will be online in next version.

(01-Jan to now)


Silicoin NFT & DAO Live

The Dapp of Silicoin NFT & DAO released and issued the limited NFT.


Delaying of developing Light Wallet

Due to Silicoin's "zcomputerwiz" was sick, the development of light wallet has been delayed. We sincerity hoping him to get well soon and together to catch up the progress.


A Chinese Mining Pool supports Silicoin

YY Pool, a Chinese Chia Pool, now supports Silicoin farming with staking



Silicoin New Year Event

There is an New Year Event and all participants can get Silicoin New Year NFT

(31-Dec-2021 to 7-Jan-2022)

Silicoin & HotBit AMA

Edward Beasley, Marketing Manager of Silicoin was invited for AMA


Silicoin is officially listed on HotBit

After analyzing and discussion and to provide a stable exchanging environment to all users, Silicoin decided to postpone the listing date to 14 January 2022. All the operations is back to normal.


Trade to share event on HotBit

Trade SILICOIN on HotBit exchange and share 1500 SILICOIN As Rewards

(14-Jan to 24-Jan-2022)

Network Stats

Netspace: 390PiB

Unique addresses: 68,613

Farmed SIT: 342,143


Community Growth

Silicoin members in Discord:

Last reported was 4,962 members. Now we have 5,246 member, 284 of growth.

Silicoin members in Telegram:

Last reported was 11,383 members. Now we have 11,803 members, 420 of growth.

Silicoin members in Twitter:

Now we have 7,802 members.

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