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Silicoin General Update / 31 April 2022

Happy Labor Day! May all those who work hard get what they deserve.

Public Activities

MetaHero AMA

In order to let everyone know more about MetaHero, there are 2 AMA events have been held.

You may see more detail in the following link:




A new GameFi is announced by SAGD and the AMA is held successfully in Discord of Silicoin

You may see more detail in the following link:


Another airdrop activity by MetaHero

As MetaHero is currently very popular among Silicoin users, MetaHero has decided to hold another airdrop event.

Please click the link below and join the activities!



The announcement from Coinstore

After the efforts between Silicoin and Coinstore, Coinstore has opened SIT’s deposit and withdrawal service for Silicoin users.


A step further on BitKeep Wallet of Silicoin

As we know, Silicoin has launched Bitkeep wallet. And now we have a step forward that SIT is now listing on BitKeep Wallet.


The further cooperation between MetaHero & Silicoin

MetaHero present decentralized financial products in the form of game and NFT the characters and props owned by the games. All the Silicoin's miner could play the game and earn the money with SIT. For more details, please check the link below for more information:


Network Stats

Netspace: 491PiB

Unique addresses: 0

Farmed SIT: 817,825


Community Growth

Silicoin members in Discord:

Last reported was 5,488 members. Now we have 5,549 members, 61 of growth.

Silicoin members in Telegram:

Now we have 22,558 members.

Silicoin members in Twitter:

Now we have 13,000+ members

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