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Silicoin General Update / July 2022

Greetings! Let’s hope the world will be peaceful and people will understand each other.

Great Support of SCA

Continuous support from SCA members

Let us thank all SCA members for their efforts, especially Eric90, Hoxl, UnicornMan, and StrangeStultusZoombie,


The explanation of the 21 million in total amount and the SIT contract on Ethereum

he SIT contract on Ethereum has been sent out, the reason for the 21 million in total amount and the details in SIT and the FutureCash, please see the link below:

The cooperation between Silicoin and FuturesChain

The devs from Silicoin Network will participate in the development of the FuturesChain project. For more information, please see the links below:

FuturesChain official website:

Network Stats

Netspace: 310PiB

Farmed SIT: 1,253,564


Community Growth

Silicoin members in Discord:

Now we have 5,509 members

Silicoin members in Telegram:

Now we have 15,438 members

Silicoin members on Twitter:

Now we have 10,000+ members

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