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Silicoin General Update / 17 February 2022

Greetings! Happy Valentine's Day and we wish you a sweetness journey in the future!

Community Suggestions

Gathering errors and bugs from miners in the community of using windows

SCA members realized the seriously issues of stable connection in using windows. Thus, as much as information of data were collected and sent to the developers and analysis.


Development Progress

New version is being tested by SCA

To improve a better environment for miners, the new version of Silicoin have been developed and sent to SCA for testing.


New Blood of SCA

Warm welcome to jmz

We are gladly to introduce our new menber to join SCA, jmz. Jmz has more than 15 years' experience on IT. He started to work on 13 Feb 2022, and already giving valuable suggestion to Silicoin's future development.



Final cross-chain testing on cooperation with Futures Foundaation

Silicoin is about to cooperate with Futures Foundation on cross-chain. The purpose is to provide minersan exchange value, information easily and fast become urgent. Moreover, its IBO (Initial Bridge Offering) mechanism can make the exchange process very simple and convenience.


Network Stats

Netspace: 404PiB

Unique addresses: 81,666

Farmed SIT: 469,224


Community Growth

Silicoin members in Discord:

Last reported was 5,246 members. Now we have 5,481 members, 235 of growth.

Silicoin members in Telegram:

Last reported was 11,803 members. Now we have 19,347 members, 7,544 of growth.

Silicoin members in Twitter:

Last reported was 7,802 members. Now we have 16,300+ members

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