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Silicoin General Update / 7 March 2022

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Silicoin thank you all for traveling together and we hope the world is full of love and peace!

Community Contributions

Rewards delivered

Thanks again to community developers "zcomputerwiz" and "Pnoch". For the development rewards that have sent to their accounts


Great Support of SCA

Continuous support from SCA members

Let us thank to all SCA member for their commitment and efforts to this uncertain market, especially for Eric90, StultuszZoombie, olegin77, Thor(Zasha) and Hoxl.

Development Progress

New version 1.2.2 released

After testing by SCA member, the new version 1.2.2 was released. We have been in constant communication with SCA member, to help the community improve the new release.



An agreement with Coinstore

Coinstore will take place on Silicoin's mainnet (same as with Citex and Hotbit), provide a third location to trade SIT, and give traders and holders an additional option to participate in the Silicoin ecosystem. For more information, please see the link below:


New spark with Meta Resident

A new collaboration was born. Meta Resident as a well-known DAO, Silicoin has cooperated with Meta Resident! The first round of airdrops has begun. All farmers who have previously participated the Silicoin NFT event will have a chance to receive airdops.


Network stats


Unique addresses:89,574

Farmed SIT:559,869


Community Growth

Silicoin members in Discord:

Last reported was 5,481 members. Now we have 5,488 members, 7 of growth.

Silicoin members in Telegram:

Last reported was 19,347members. Now we have 23,438 members, 4,091of growth.

Silicoin members in Twitter:

Last reported was 16,300+ members. Now we have 17,000+ members

From next time, Biweekly Report will be changed to Monthly Report.

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