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Silicoin General Update / May 2022

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Happy International Children’s Day! Let's keep the original intention of our dreams as children.

Public Activities

Airdrop activity by MetaHero

The airdrop activity is about to end, we thank everyone who supports Silicoin and MetHero on this activity, we hope you play well and earn well!



The developers are seeking new opportunities in the NFT area in the Metaverse

The developers in the Silicoin are now discussing and planning for the next move of the Silicoin in the future. We believe that NFT will be the next coming hotspot in the Metaverse.


Network Stats

Netspace: 458PiB

Farmed SIT: 950,474


Community Growth

Silicoin members in Discord:

Now we have 5,489 members

Silicoin members in Telegram:

Now we have 18,916 members

Silicoin members on Twitter:

Now we have 10,000+ members

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