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Updates from Silicoin and FuturesChain

Greetings, everyone!

Silicoin has not given up exploring different paths despite such a depressed market.

In this case, Silicoin and FuturesChain are on the same page and working together to identify different opportunities.

In addition, Silicoin has been trying its best to preserve the interests of all of us.

According to the previous announcement,

the code of The SIT contract on Ethereum has been sent out at the following address:


According to AlltheBlock, Mined 2,145,830 coins. As stated in the previous announcement the first 500.000 SIT in FutureCash will be airdropped SIT.e 2:1 with SIT, the total amount of SIT.e is adequate to cover all needs.

The explanation of the pre-mining, lock and release system:

The SIT mainnet continues to mine new coins every day and its release rule on Ethereum is to release the same amount of SIT as the mainnet every month.

In this way, later the SIT on the mainnet can be 1:1 to exchange with the Ethereum.

The SIT on the mainnet that is exchanged to the Ethereum will no longer be in circulation and is periodically burned. And the output remains the same accordingly.

p.s. The number of SITs produced by the mainnet in the same month (this can be calculated, and the daily output is 4608)

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