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Silicoin NFT

Silicoin created a series of NFTs to realize the DAO community autonomy and management plan, established an ecosystem with mining and NFT as the main content, and continuously absorbed more hot content to enrich and expand the ecosystem of Silicone. Silcoin creatively proposed the concept of NFT development module and optimized it, aiming to lower the threshold for users to mine and use NFT. Silicoin plans to cast 5 major NFT series, will cast FOX NFT and penguin NFT, rabbit NFT in the Q2 stage of 2023, and will cast the other 2 NFT attributes in the second half of 2023.

Silicoin FOX NFT

Holding Benifits:

1. Possess the shareholder dividend right of the Silicoin Foundation;
2. You can get the Mint whitelist rights of the other four NFTs;
3. Enjoy the airdrop benefits of the Silicon Foundation;
4. Enjoy the exchange voucher for the Silicon Foundation investment entity project.

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