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A Letter to the Community_Reviewing Silicoin 2021

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

All Silicoin Farmers, it is our honour to meet you in the very wild year of 2021. The New Year is coming, and I wish you and your family health and happiness!

Sweet are the uses of adversity. - Shakespeare

At the moment, I have very much to share, among which there are bitter but also lofty feelings. Before this, let's review the Milestones of the year.

In April 2021, the Silicoin team was founded under Charlie's leadership

In May 2021, the first version of the White Paper was finalized; The PoB consensus mechanism was finalized

In June 2021, the official website was launched; Discord Community was formed; Testnet1.0 launched; The application node is begun for airdrop.

In July 2021, the computing power exceeded 300PiB; Network update rebooted, Testnet1.5 appeared; TSIT began over-the-counter trading.

In August 2021, Logo was upgraded; the Community incentive scheme was launched; The calculation power exceeded 800PiB.

In September 2021, Staking begins testing; First AMA activity; The calculation power exceeded to 1000PiB

In October 2021, tSIT is converted into SIT; The main network was officially launched, and PoB consensus mechanism was born. SIT listed on CitEX

November 2021, when main nets fix bugs, are voted on and rebooted by the community, innovation is Staking the rest of the network. SIT price to new high record; Official SCA launched.

In December 2021, the main network is constantly updated and running stably; The global community continues to grow, numbering over 20,000.

Reviewing the year, Silicoin has experienced every joy and sorrow, every progress and setback. Every word of encouragement and abuse, every suggestion and slur read in the community. Our entire team has grown through it, which is undoubtedly an opportunity of the times and a gift from you all.

At the beginning of the project, we were confident but a little nervous. We are confident that we are on the right path but also question whether Silicoin can go much further. In any case, Silicoin is the most courageous among Chia Forks for innovation and trial. We bravely made innovations based on POST consensus mechanism and solved the blind spot in cognition, but we still need to make corrections and progress in practice. Of course, during the voyage to discover the new continent, we encountered many difficulties. Fortunately, thanks to the support and tolerance of Silicoin Farmers, we have succeeded in many challenges.

There are so many memories about Silicoin in 2021 that I am overwhelmed with complicated emotions. Not only a smile but also tears fall on my keyboard.

Silicoin in the early days, most of the logo from other Forks were green. Silicoin was ridiculed as "not green" due to its high scanning frequency. Silicoin is pronounced as “Sillycoin”. The ratio of tSIT to SIT was spread by malicious people, and hundreds of “Shit emojis” appeared on Discord. To tell you the truth, these interesting things are unforgettable to us.

Of course, I understand that these are all jokes, but our team has seen the Silicoin community's tolerance and expectation in the joke. We are all inclusive of our shortcomings and looking forward to our development. In my opinion, this is the spirit of blockchain, this is the power of community and this is the foundation of Silicoin.

In such a crazy time of global situation, it is very happy for our team to have your support!

Lately, I've been thinking about something my grandfather used to say:

Do not mention the past days, life is tough enough. But, sunshine is here if you meet someone or something worth risk life in storm.

Silicoin is a global project, and friends from different countries gather here because of the simple word -Silicoin. I clearly understand that Silicoin is everyone's dream related to the profit and energy invested in farming. Our entire team is receiving the attention of 24 time zones every day, which is both responsibility and motivation.

With this responsibility, we will have great momentum for the New Year.

Many people have seen this article, Silicoin is going to do a lot of things in the next few days, including marketing plans, technical development goals, etc. We will make them come true.

In the evening of Boxing Day, our team had a meeting to discuss how to realize the following planning and how to fulfill every Silicoin Farmers expectation.

As for our plans in the coming year, we will continue to improve and iterate technologically to make Silicoin network more robust and friendly.

-On Marketing, we will cooperate more actively with other projects to attract more investors and miners so as to expand the whole network.

-On the community side, we'll use SCA as a foundation to help each Discord member.

-On the ecosystem side, hackathons and other events will unleash the Silicoin ecosystem to its fullest potential.

SIT price is likely to soar in terms of market value due to the comprehensive development of technology, marketing, community, and ecology.

Silicoin team has been working hard for most of the year, and Silicoin Farmers have also given us support and help for most of the year. We hope to continue and work together with you in the coming year to create a beautiful future for Silicoin!

Happy New Year!

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