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Announcement on the Listing of SIT on BitKeep Wallet

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Silicoin has now launched BitKeep wallat. BitKeep includes SIT BSC (Binance Smart Chian) tokens, Silicoin NFT, and Silicoin DAPP. Any Silicoin miner can freely check SIT prices on BSC chain, swap SIT/USDT, check and transfer Silicoin NFT and use Silicoin NFT DAPP on BitKeep wallet.

Relevant details

SIT Smart Contract Address: 0x27db5261Dd23Aca86000bBAf4Cb120b5DD5DD569

Silicoin NFT Contract Address: 0xbCCB20A7CFc41552D8E6B3f181352E14c4C70dE4

Silicoin DAPP Link:


In order to facilitate trading, BitKeep has built- in converged Swap, Silicoin miners can easily check SIT real-time price, buy and sell SIT on BSC.

BitKeep Wallat

The well-known third-party wallet BitKeep currently has 5,000,000+registered users, 45,000+asset tokens, 30+public chain integration, 8,000+DAPP, supports 6 languages, covers 200+countries, with 130,000+daily active users, and has the largest cryptocurrency community in Asia.


The official twitter:

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