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Greetings from Silicoin and Meta Resident

Silicoin is once again experiencing breakthrough growth in order to create more opporturities, development and ecosystem. Silicoin will work with Meta Resident , Which is based on the strong consensus of 10,000 times a collaborative organization of co-creation, co-construction and co-governance from now and future. It also aims to rebuild the trust and security of the community.

Moreover, to celebrate the co-operation and joy, Meta Resident will airdrop to addresses who participated the previous event of Silicoin NFT.

For more information of Meta Resident, you may see the link below:

The price of Meta Resident

For specific airdrop details, please consult Meta Resident's official team.

For the sustainably development, Silicoin will seek more reliable platforms, in order to pursue further ecosystem and opportunities.

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