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Listing Event at Chia Fork Traders

Silicoin Network is pleased to announce the upcoming Listing Events for Silicoin (tSIT) at Chia Fork Traders!

The Developers have posted and confirmed that tSIT will be converted to SIT when Mainnet launches.

Silicoin Network plans to list Silicoin with Give-Away Event(s) on Monday July 19th at 4pm GMT.

This will be one of the largest give-away listing events to date at Chia Fork Traders! As seen in our previous Fork Coin Listing Events, the following is planned:

Silicoin (tSIT) will be listed with it's own trade channel and trade success channel along with the silicoin-info-links page channel, similar to the other current coin listings at the Chia Fork Traders Discord.

Chia Fork Traders will host a Listing Event with Give-away(s) detailed as follows (There will be at least 4 give-away events):

1) 3-10 prizes of tSIT to 3-10 members of the "Traders" Role on listing launch, done by Randomizer bot. The Traders list for eligibility is compiled from the CFT Traders Role members list and selected by the bot publicly in the CFT Trader's Chat Channel live. Estimated 1000+ tSIT dedicated to this .

2) 3-10 prizes of tSIT to be done by the Randomizer Bot for 3-10 members who are attending the event live. Names will be taken live and added to the draw. You need to be present at CFT to participate in this draw. Estimated 1000+ tSIT dedicated to this.

3) At the launch time, we will conduct a live auction for various quantities of tSIT. Bidding can be done with Listed Fork Coins, XCH and USDT and we will use the CFT #bankfork-coin-exchange and #roller_coasterdaily-price-analysis of the fork coins listed to assess bid value. Participants can therefore bid any of the fork coins and XCH/USDT in this event auction. We are doing this to have a fun event as well as to use it to help price discovery of Silicoin (tSIT). All proceeds from the auction will be used for future event give-aways and further development of the Chia Fork Traders Discord / Assets / Sponsor-ships / Advertising. Estimated 2000+ tSIT dedicated to this.

4) After the listing, for 3 days, all validated trade Buy/Sell posts listed on the CFT trade channels for tSIT by community members will be eligible for 5-10 prizes of tSIT and the draw will also be done publicly by our randomizer bot similar to #1 and #2 above after the 3 day period. This is done to encourage the trade of tSIT to accelerate. Estimated 1000+ tSIT dedicated to this.

5) After the last event #4 concludes, tSIT will be added to the Daily-price-analysis report done by Azile at CFT.

An estimate of 5000+ tSIT will be dedicated to the above events. We welcome contributions towards the event, DM @Azile.

The scale of the prize pool depends on the tSIT that will be acquired by Azile using the Discords holdings and community member contributions/donations.

Silicoin looks forward to having another great listing event where all the members of the Silicoin community will participate!

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