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MetaHero held an AMA in their community

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

What is MetaHero? What does MetaHero have to do with the metaverse?

MetaHero is a classic tower defence GameFi based on BSC, which integrates "TCG, competition, simulation, mining, pledge, SWAP, DeFi, NFT and DAO". In MetaHero, you will lead your hero team to adventure and make money in the game.

MetaHero presents decentralized financial products in the form of games and NFT the characters and props owned by the games. Traditional game player is always in order to maintain their own interests continuously upgrade the process of the continuously increasing equipment investment, and manufactures for their own use are also constantly change rules of the game, causing the game players pay in vain. On the other hand, several major characteristics of the block chain cannot be tampered, and also decentralization etc. can give to the players and the market truly fair opportunity.

MetaHero is a huge game ecosystem, which will form a whole set of economic and social systems, and generate new money market, capital market and commodity market. Moreover, MetaHero is also a part of the game metaverse. With the improvement of infrastructure and the increase of user groups, the MetaHero ecosystem will be gradually improved to form an economic closed-loop game metaverse.

What are MetaHero's innovative thoughts on GameFi development?

While the key to a game's success is Fun, GameFi needs to sonsider the return on the time and effort invested in the game. As a large tower defense game dedicated to creating a phenomenal GaameFi, MetaHero has ensured the game has both complete playbility and a very solid economic system in development, as well as allowing players to steadily obtain game gold revenue.

MetaHero presents a virtual world with a comprehensive economic system for players through five majoy sections: game system, DeFi system, NFT system, DAO system and Token system, and further brings users progressive play-to-earn game experience.

What's so appealing about MetaHero's games?

MetaHero is a top GameFi blockbuster, from the graphocs to the battle scenes, to map design and level design. Coupled with interesting gameplay, MetaHero offers a fully immersive gaming experience. MetaHero has four things that appeal to gamers that are different from the single image of GameFi in the market:

1.missions, unlimited levels

Different game scenarios, rich level design,a wide variety of monsters, combat upgrades.

2.Train heroes and collect pets

Embark on a heroic adventure. Upgrade the synthesis to improve the baattle power, but also can collect unique pets!

3.Unique skills, amazing special effects

Each hero has a special skill and combat style, as well as scroll bonus, pet matching, the combat effect of the game is very excited.

4.Rich rewards, unstoppable adventure

Bring your hero to challenge levels every day, reap rich supplies, and receive a large number of super game resource tokens every day.

What are MetaHero's planss for the future of the game in the metaversee?

For game in the future development of the meetaverse, we think GameFi is a small part in the metaverse, but it is part of the most potential for development, in the virtual world, games, and is often the most has the impact of athletic acticities, is also best to realiza social economic platform, as in the film "Ready Player One", you can earn money in the oasis, and use the money to buy goods in the real world. And vice versa, real world money can also be used to buy virtual items and assets in the metaverse. In terns of the current ecological layout, MetaHero has made sufficient preparations, including the iteration plan of the game, the expansion of the ecological plate, as well as the development and implementation of the matching infrastructure, which are enough to support MrtaHero to become a metaverse platform with a stable economy.

Why did MeetaHero choose to coopertate with Silicoin?

We believe Silicoin is a very innovative project, used for exploration in the Chia fork, and the proposed PoB consensus has greatly influenced the development of the entire ecosystem. In addition, Silicoin has a very good consensus base around the world based on their hot community. This has far-reaching benefits for the globalization promotion of MetaHero. In additoin, Silicoin will fully support GameFi and Web3.0 in the future, which fits in well with MetaHero's long-term plans and so we agreed to work together to build a great blockchain world.

What the cooperation between MetaHero and Silicoin can bring to us?

In this collaboration, MetaHero and Silicoin will work together in a friendly way and both sides will reap predictable results in their respective fields. In my opinion, miners and game players make money in a very similar way. With the same logic, the cooperation between the two projects will produce good chemistry, and users can get more returns between projects. Silicoin will promote MetaHero in the global mining community and bring in a large number of users from around the world. At the same time, MetaHero, as a highly playable tower defense blockchain game, supports SIT tokens, which will inject strong energy into the Silicoin ecosystem.

What can Silicoin members do if we want to join the game? Can we play directly by using SIT?

Silicoin miners can enter MetaHero's world by exchanging the original SIT for SIT on the BSC via the Future Cash bridge. In MetaHero's setting, SIT needs to be converted to HSPC, instead of directly using SIT. However, the exchange process is so simple and smoothly that it doesn't affect the player's experience!

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