The cooperation about the Listing of SIT on Coinstore Exchange

Recently, Silicoin’s marketing team has finally reached an agreement with Coinstore Exchange, to increase Silicoin’s health Network after a period of hard work and communication on both sides. Coinstore Exchange will fulfil Silicoin’s docking with the public chain, activate SIT top up and withdrawal services.

For more details, please pay attention to Coinstore Exchange. The trading pair on Constore is

In addition, the Coinstore Exchange will host a series of events and SIT is also involved on 21th February, 2022. Those interested friends can check out the Coinstore Exchange's announcement:

The history between Coinstore and Silicoin

As some of you may know, there has been a 'SIT' listing there since October. This was a test token on the BSC, Coinstore brought this online for internal testing purposes. This was done at the time without any involvement or participation from the development team of Silicoin.

After several months of communication and verification, we believe that Coinstore Exchange has enough SITs for payment transactions. Coinstore is now working on the mainnet and the new Coinstore is for a standard listing that will take place on Silicoin's mainnet, which will make sure the amount of SITs for its transactions.

For the actual opening time, please check the announcement in the future from Coinstore Exchange.

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