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Silicoin General Update / June 2022

Greetings! Let’s hope all the crises and difficulties will eventually pass.

Great Support of SCA

Continuous support from SCA members

Let us thank all SCA members for their efforts, especially Eric90, Hoxl, UnicornMan, and StrangeStultusZoombie,


Silicoin’s first anniversary and important notice

Silicoin’s development team has decided to migrate temporarily from the Silicoin mainnet to Ethereum to help us better complete the Silicon 2.0 upgrade.

The cooperation between Silicoin and FuturesChain

Silicoin and FuturesChain will later provide more information to the public about the Silicoin team will participate in the development of FuturesChain.

Network Stats

Netspace: 291PiB

Farmed SIT: 1,142,657


Community Growth

Silicoin members in Discord:

Now we have 5,453 members

Silicoin members in Telegram:

Now we have 16,002 members

Silicoin members on Twitter:

Now we have 10,000+ members

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