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Silicoin General Update / 1 February 2022

Greeting! Thank you using Silicoin and we wish the miners a Happy New Year especially in Asia Pacific.

Community contributions and suggestions

To provide a stable synchronization

Thanks to comminity user in Discord "pnoch", he announced a method to increase the stableness of synchronization


Developed a deb version for Silicoin

A community user in Discord "wulaifuzha" made a deb version to install the GUI on ubuntu. It will combine with the GithHub's code after testing, and the bonus is going to distribute as well. Thank you.


A typo found in Install Silicoin under GitHub

A community user in Discord "lars" found a typo in GitHub, thank you and the developers already adjusted the issue.


Development Progress

Testing Partial Withdrawal function of staking SIT

Silicoin developers are testing the function of partial withrawal

A hardware specification of GitHub

There is a hardware specification added in the WIKI of GitHub. We suggested that our community members should have a look and contribute together, please check the link as below:https//


The network down issue on 28, January 2022

On 28, January 2022, we received users in community and reporting the problem of block chain was not moving. After the investigating, we identified the cause of the bug and restarted the timelord. Then we observed the validation process for 5 hours to make sure the network was stable. This issue will be pushed to the main branch for the next version release.

(28-Jan-2022)on cross


Cooperation with Futures Cash on cross-chain.

Silicoin is about Cooperation with Futures Cash Wallet on cross-chain. The purpose is to provide miners a bridge between Silicoin Chain and Binance Smart Chain.



A conversation of Silicoin Network AMA on HotBit exchange

Please feel free to see the conversation on this link to know more about Silicoin on HotBit: -ama-in the hotbit-community


An activity rewards announcement of Silicoin on HotBit

In order to require all users, HotBit is scheduled to launch "Trade SILICOIN And Share Great Reward" event on 14, January, 2022. During the event, all users who trade SILICOIN on HotBit may participate in the sharing of rewards. We congratulation to all users who received the rewards! For the details, please check


Network Stats

Netspace: 387 PiB

Unique addresses: 76,406

Farmed SIT: 407,659


community Growth

Silicoin members in Discord:

Last reported was 5,264 members. Now we have 5,385 members, 121 of growth

Silicoin members in Telegram:

Last reported was 11,803 members. Now we have 14,520 members, 2717 of growth

Silicoin members in Twitter:

Last reported was 8,267 members. Now we have 10,221 members, 1,954 of growth

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